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A slice of thanks

Today I share a slice of my life and what I am thankful for. Yes today is Thanksgiving in America. Thanks giving is all about giving the good returns for the year. YOu can read more about the history of thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Seeing love in action

Of all the beautiful things I saw in Pokhara over the past few days, nothing touched me more than the two men in this photo. Nothing spectacular in this …huh? Yes it doesn’t seem like much, but the bald man … Continue reading

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Nepali Momo

  If there is one food you will learn about in Nepal, its the Nepali Momo! It is often eaten as an appetizer or a snack and found in almost all restaurants or sold by vendors in street corners. A momo is a dumpling … Continue reading

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Somali Weddings

This article is the third in a series of articles about Aafrican Culture and has been written by Runn Abdi a World Pulse Voices of the Future Correspondent. Runn is also a Correspondent with Women News Network .  Marriages can either … Continue reading

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Bhai Tika – Sister and brother day in Nepal

This morning we were priviledgded to witness the observance of Bhai Tika by our neighbors down stairs.Bhai tika is the last day of Diwali celebrations in Nepal. The day is also refeered to as Bhai Tihar. Bhai means brother while Tika … Continue reading

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Laxmi Puja as marked during Tihar in Nepal

This week marked the celebration on Tihar and Deepwali in Nepal. Tihar is celebrated for five days with each day having a different meaning. Yesterday was day three better known as  Laxmi Puja,a day to celebrate the goddess of wealth. Here are some … Continue reading

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Jazzmandu in Nepal

So last evening, my friend and i had a chance to attend Jazzmandu. Jazzmandu stands for the Kathmandu Jazz Festival. This is an annual Jazz event which began in 2002 aimed at celebrating Jazz music as well as nurturing Jazz artists by bringing … Continue reading

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