About me

A journalist with ten years experience in the field of communication.

I love photography, traveling, telling stories and a good cup of tea. I have a degree in Development Communication and  I am  interested  in the use of multimedia tools and social media in relation to development issues.

I work with a research organization and  I am currently in Nepal for a year of study and cultural exchange.

This blog reflects my personal experiences,  thoughts and reflections on this beautiful country with others who haven’t been here or might never be here.  You are welcome to share or ask any questions or make suggestions on topics you would like to read about Nepal.

I will practise the ABC’s of writing – Accuracy, Balance and Credibility in this blog, however, appreciate that I may make some mistakes, if you notice the mistakes, please feel free to alert me and I will make some corrections  or go ahead and bash me and I will ignore you…:-)

Welcome to my one year journey in Nepal.

Views expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of any organization with which I am affiliated.


52 Responses to About me

  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience in Nepal.

  2. Badri Kumar says:

    I read about your article on Kantipur daily of 24,Sep,011. I am sorry that you feel different. Although you know that Nepalese are not familiar to African/not-white people. I hope it will be slowly.
    I have a propose that I wanna be your friend. I am photojournalist, work in Nepal. I am a Nepalese.

    Bye see you

    Badri Kumar
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  3. achyut ghimire says:

    Respected friend today I read your some experience in Nepal in Kantipur news paper. I’m very sad from You claimed a lot of grief in Nepal.Did I want your forgiveness on behalf of all Nepalese

    Achyut Ghimire

  4. prem says:

    My name is prem. I am from pokhara Nepal and I have one small travel agency business like why I am trekking guide as well I am very happy to read you and your story in our news paper kantipur national today 24 09 2011. It is sure Nepal so many people are un educated that means you can write your felling that what you don’t like you fell boring because if people want to touch you they want to see you i mean not like every place but mostly in country side in Nepal they are afraid of your color that means they can not afraid of you they can afraid of the education if they have education they know all the people same same color blod every one. it is nature for the skin color are different every different people . i am very happy to write you .i hope you can read my word.
    best regards
    prem ghimire
    my email (ghimireprem@yahoo.com)

  5. madhu rimal says:

    I read your article in kantipur newspaper. I had been in kenya for 12 hours while i was coming back from liberia after finishing un mission. I like kenya and your people. Dont feel ashame and difficulties in our country. Though it is not more beautiful than your country.

    have a nice stay in nepal….

  6. Hi Yaotieno, I read your article in Kantipur daily “Nepal maa ma euti Africi”. I liked much your style of thinking, taking every negative actions towards you, positively. Really much impressed. I want to say “Sorry” from all Nepalese people if we hurt you. I will listen you on CJMC FM this week. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Nepal.

  7. Hi Yaotieno, I read your article in Kantipur daily “Nepal maa ma euti Africi”. I liked much your style of thinking, taking every negative actions towards you, positively. Really much impressed. I want to say “Sorry” from all Nepalese people if we hurt you. I will listen you on CJMC FM this week. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Nepal…

    • YAOtieno says:

      Thanks Prakash.

      I am enjoying my stay here. Not everyone is mean.Some are exceptionally friendly and helpful. We have good neighbors and one of the best landladies ever.
      I appreciate your apology and encouragement. Thanks for promising to listen to our radio show, we shall send you a shout out!!!



  8. Mahesh says:

    I came to your blog from Kantipur! I am sorry about your bad experience! I think, most of the people in Nepal are not socialize with outer world! They dont know how to behave! And I think its a little bit curiosity also! My request to you is just ignore that and I want to say sorry from the side of these People. Have a good time in Nepal!

  9. Nabin Giri says:

    Great to read your beautiful blog, Good to hear that you are in Nepal and doing study in cultural exchange. Wish u all da’ best and lovely stay … Keep visit Pokhara.

  10. paudelk says:


    Reading about you and your experience in Nepal gave me a new understanding. Mostly people and their mannerism are raw and unpolished in our part of the world. We apologize , you had to bear with some unpleasantness on the move in this new world of ours .

    Wish you all the best of stay and hope Nepal , despite anything, will continue to get your love. I love Kenya , her people, nature and yes cricket ,too.

    Give Kenyans our love.

  11. Manoj Tapasvi says:


    It was really great to read about you and your experience in Nepal(Published in Kantipur Daily). Though you have felt some inconvenience due to the behavior of some people, we, the people of Nepal really like to apologize. Hope you have enjoyed a lot and will enjoy a lot. Further more I’m glad to know that you as a journalist working for the cultural sharing and co-operation. I’m also of the same field and would feel glad if you share some more information.
    Have a great time ahead.

    Manoj Tapasvi

    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Manoj,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I accept the apology though I really feel that there is nothing to apologies about because I dint feel offended at all. I just try to understand that many people have not met Africans so they are curious.

      Let me know what kind of information you want and i will gladly share with you.



  12. dil pun says:

    hi namaste ! Glad to know that you like our country nepal. I had a good friend from kenya while i was working in dubai, i saw most of kenyan people were friendly like our nepalese people. You know when ever i am free i always watch animal planet and discovery channel on tv and it shows most of place africa including kenya. I wish one day i will also travel your country kenya. I shall be happy if i could do something for you in our country nepal. .

  13. Hi
    Your writing skills and understanding Nepalese culture and traditions are appreciated. In my view Nepal still holds lots of racism between community, castes and many more. I really liked your articles published in various News media and you should promote Africa to Nepalese communities. we always welcome your prospectives between our two nations and communities, culture and traditions.
    i have a small query about your articles to publish in one of our website as well?? Can we do so or you could send us your articles?
    Please let us know about your opinion.
    Visit http://net2nepal.com for other Nepali news.

  14. Teertha rai says:

    I hate racism and sexism…..we all human being are of same kind and god gifted. i know my idol man NELSON MANDELA is an african .i love africa and african. i am sorry for how you were treated in nepal.. have great time ahead 🙂

  15. shambhu pant - tokyo, japan says:

    thanks .

  16. S Pradhan says:

    Hi, I am a Nepali national living in South Africa for many years. Yes, it’s always emotional and exciting to see your own people in other parts of the world. Two years ago, when I was in Nepal in holiday, even I felt so when I saw two South Africans in a restaurant as my own people. It’s how the world people look at it as a cross-cultural community. I really appreciate your exciting stay in Nepal and your blog which will definitely introduce our country to the outer world.

  17. Dada Rai says:

    Hy….maambo !!!
    can I be your friend ?????

  18. Dada Rai says:

    I like Kenyan People and Kenya too….

  19. mambo…mambopuwa….
    i read ur article in kantipur newspaper. i am in kuwait. more my friends are kenya…. they are nice and helpa full ………..since 2 year i stay in hose with 2 kenyan. i love kenyan Culture ,people.

    have a nice stay in nepal….

  20. saroj karki says:

    hhi im nepali people ired ur vision in kantipur national daily. i think ur very good person. im intrested friend with u my facebook id is http://facebook.com/crazy.saroj & my blog is http://www.sarozkarki.blogspot.com plz add me in ur facebook ok byyyyyyyyyyy

  21. Lokendra chaulagain says:

    First of welcome in Nepal & then after thanks for good coment ab’t our country Nepal.i think all we devloping country are suffering from similar types of problem, full of resource but lack of capital, capital formation,illitracy, backwardness, malnutrition, social mobilysation,proverty, some ritual or social custom, high reproduction rate, lack of willing power in leader lavel,& lack of interprenurship in the people, technology, low access in international trade.so we have required strong coordination between devloping.then we can know each other. specially we youth should be active to devlope own country, and to devlop the brotherhood relation between us. I’m heartly approciate your present work &also wish your successful day.I listen ab’t kenya but no more idea. What ab’t economy, devlopment,literacy rate,income source of people,main occupation & present condition of state & rulling system.

    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Lokendra,

      Thanks for your very insightful observations. I will respoind to all your questions on this blog. I am happy that you are interested in learning about my country as much as I am interested in learning about yours..

      Keep reading and sharing suggestions.



  22. Narendra Singh says:

    Hi, I read your article in Kantipur daily “Nepal maa ma euti Africi”. I liked much your attitude and I really impressed from you. But I want to apologize on behalf of all Nepalese people if we hurt you. Thank you for sharing your experiences in Nepal…

    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Narendra,

      You are very kind. Thanks for your comments,,,and yes I will keep sharing.

      Will you keep reading…? I may alaso ask you a few question on things I don’t know on some festivals..I hope you wil be able to assist me.



  23. I read your article in http://www.ekantipur.com. I really very happy to read your article.

  24. Subhash K. says:

    Hi, Y, Namaste! I read your article in Kantipur. Then I was inspired to write you something. But when I entered in this site, most of the things which I want to write was already written by many friends. This things mostly happens when u are away from your home but you should be aware that you have support of many Nepali people like me. Anyway, I am impressed by your attitude (positive) toward Nepal and Nepali people.

  25. Surendra KC says:

    Namaste YAOtieno,

    I just went through the article published in Kantipur Daily entitled “Nepal maa ma euti Africi” which finally led me to your blog. Very happy to read the reflection of very positive attitude. I can exactly feel your experience in new place as I also left my own country around the same time you arrived to Nepal. My apology on behalf of all those Nepalese who behaved you negatively. Hope one day all people from developing countries like Nepal and Kenya will be educated and will hate discrimination based on racism.
    Moreover, I am much more impressed by your field; development communication. Who knows, Sustainable development and development communication may meet somewhere in days ahead.

    Good luck,
    Hawaii, USA

    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Surenda,

      I understand what you mean when you say you feel my experience. I hope you are learing and also enjoying your experience of Hawaii.It is a very beautiful country. what are you doing there ?
      Are you studying or working? How different is it from Nepal?

      I would really like to hear about your experience.



  26. Nameste YAOtieno,

    I read your experience published in Kantipur daily yesterday and scanned through your blog this morning.
    I would like to share my experience as a research colleague of my Kenyan friend who studied at Cornell University, USA. She was here last year and we worked together for about a month in Kathmandu. She stayed here for more than 5 months studying Nepali language, culture, society and politics. When we met for the first time in Kirtipur, she was surprised. There were many people residing in our program. We all used to call her Thulo Didi (Elder Sister) with respect. She said she was surprised in the sense that we didn’t discriminate her for her skin color and physical structure etc. rather we behave her like our sister. She asked us the reason behind our normal behaves. We stated the fact that ‘World is an assemblage of heterogeneity; many countries, many cultures, different climate and environment, different origin and so as the multitude of genetic constitution…etc which makes the human being looking different from each other. The origin of black, white and bla bla bla was not because of our desire rather it’s a phenomenon of evolution, which ones’ can read in details on Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. ………….
    During the research period, we also had to face similar stories as yours. But, however my friend didn’t used to get frustrated as she knew the very first day that such behave is as a result of the unfamiliarity regarding existence of heterogeneity within this Globe. Further, that behave is because of lack of study on different culture, language, society and more importantly the origin and evolution of Human being and genetic makeup!
    So, with apology for the discrimination and awkward behave from our fellow brothers and sisters, I would like to ensure you that behave were not as a result of wrong intention. Rather that might be due to anonymity on the facts and features of different parts of Globe!

    Last but not least, thanks for your positive attitude towards our Country. I appreciate that.


    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Rabindra,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I appreciate your comments and hospitality to my Kenyan didi. Indeed it is very comforting to be welcomed and to be treated nicely when away from family. I fully understand that many Nepalese may not have met Africans and so I have no frustration or bad feeling towards Nepal. I feel very comfortable here

      Thanks again for the encouraging words,



  27. rishi bhandari says:

    hi me rishi from ktm and when i saw the ur message in news paper i fell happy and in some time sadness im a student and my brother work in Kenya Nairobi with family and i know little more about ur counntry and when may i say the about u i want to to tell my brother and im share the ur article for my brother.so dada said to meet her so mam i want to meet u if u dont take mind

    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Rishi,

      Thank you for reading this blog and for sharing it with your brother. I appreciate your kindness. I hope your brother is enjoying his time in Kenya. Could you please ask jhim if he is willingto share his experience about Kenya with others in this blog? i would be very happy to post it…here



  28. Navin says:

    Hi Jambo! Hey Beautiful Girl, Don’t forget Nepal & us! We are always be there Just for you.
    Mambo vipi…? 

  29. rishi bhandari says:

    ohhhhhhhh thanks tody i m so happy and please tell me ur leaving palce of there i want to share all are the bst things of kenya bcoz my all r the family( brothers) and he say to me respect her bcoz we r here and people of kenya respect us. i want to say to u sister if u r dont take mind ok.and now whare r u leaving in nepal ?ok sister happy dashin

  30. rishi bhandari says:

    ohhhhhhhh thanks tody i m so happy and please tell me ur leaving palce of there i want to share all are the bst things of kenya bcoz my all r the family( brothers) and he say to me respect her bcoz we r here and people of kenya respect us. i want to say to u sister if u r dont take mind ok.and now whare r u leaving in nepal ?ok sister happy dashin thank u

  31. tarasj says:

    i have been to many places currently am in Chennai to my knowledge i think nepalese are inocent people am not saying all of them but in comaprison what do you say

    • YAOtieno says:

      Hi Tarasj,

      Yes, I agree with you. My thoughts are that most especially those living outside Kathmandu or in living in the villages are not exposed to the outside world especially Africa. Some rely a lot on the media to learn what is happening. Have you lived in Nepal?

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