A slice of thanks

Today I share a slice of my life and what I am thankful for.

Yes today is Thanksgiving in America. Thanks giving is all about giving the good returns for the year. YOu can read more about the history of thanksgiving HERE.

For me today, my inspiration of giving thanks comes from a leadership Guru John C Maxwell who speaks of leadership and describes three kind of people who help us to be where we are in life.

The first are those who help us and dont know that they have helped us, they do this by the books they wrote and how they lead their lives. For example Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr.

Indeed in my life I have read many books by authors that I will probably never meet but their words and quotations changed my life. One person that stands out for me is Dan Miller and the most inspiting book I read courtesy of my connectcion with him is Acres of Diamonds.  So I say thank you to him. And I recommdend the book to all.

The second people who help us are those who moe success principles that I could watch and apply in my life. I worked. I have a long list but I will mention two Hellen Van Houten my mentor who is ovet eighty and still going strong, the best advice she gave me was always look at the cup as shalf full.

Another is Susan Carvalho who runs the Young African Express a magazine dedicated improving litracy in youth in Kenya. Her commitment, passsion and dedication to the youth are admirable while what touchces me most is her humility and ability to treat all staff as equal partners in the cause. Her faith in staff gave us great motivation. I worked there for 5 years.

The third group of people are there for you and know that they are there for you. Again this is a long list, from my mother, my grandfather, my teachers in school , my siblings, friends and collegues.  All of whom I am thankful for.

This year today I wish to say a special Thanks you to Norway  for the opportujity of lifetime to experience life and work in a foreign country.

I have learnt much about myself as an individual, my world view has been opened , I have learnt to appreciate other cultures while sharing my own, developed better communication and conflict resolution skills. Thankyou for heloing me develop as a person, I hope to help in the development of my cocuntry in whatever cpacity I can from the lessons learnt.

You can read all about my Inpiration ofor this attitude of gratitude today from John Maxwell Here. Thank you John Maxwell for the inspiration to write this..:-)

I wonder, what are you thankful about today?


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