Seeing love in action

Of all the beautiful things I saw in Pokhara over the past few days, nothing touched me more than the two men in this photo.

Nothing spectacular in this …huh? Yes it doesn’t seem like much, but the bald man in a multi -coloured jacket is blind. His friend ( in a red jacket) inst blind he helped him up Sarangokt.

Seeing love

In the photo above,the guy in the red jacket was describing in detail the view of the Pokhara valley and Fishtail mountain to his blind friend.

Sarangokt  is a popular site for tourist to watch the sunrise and sunset with the background of the annapurna ranges in Pokhara Nepal).

The sun peeping behind the clouds.

Thought I went to see the sunrise but ended up seeing more – true friendship and love in action. And that’s my double blessing for the day.Thank you Lord



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What you see is what you get.
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3 Responses to Seeing love in action

  1. tarasj says:

    thats an inspiration

  2. Great, I agree with you that this was trully inspiring!!!

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