Nepali Momo


My first plate of Nepali Momo was steamed Buff Momo

If there is one food you will learn about in Nepal, its the Nepali Momo! It is often eaten as an appetizer or a snack and found in almost all restaurants or sold by vendors in street corners.

A momo is a dumpling made of dough -white flour mixed with water and some meat fillings. The dough can be shaped  into small circular flat pieces or half moons In Nepal, the filling is usually Buffalo meat. This can either be steamed or fried. The ready momo is then served  with sauce and in Nepal it is mostly Chilli sauce

For those interested in trying the dish, you can find the recipe…HERE


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5 Responses to Nepali Momo

  1. tarasj says:

    i love it the most and miss it alot ,

  2. tarasj says:

    what did you find the best and worst in Nepal

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