Jazzmandu in Nepal


Nepali Jazz Group Cardenza Connective on stage during Jazzmandu

So last evening, my friend and i had a chance to attend Jazzmandu. Jazzmandu stands for the Kathmandu Jazz Festival.

This is an annual Jazz event which began in 2002 aimed at celebrating Jazz music as well as nurturing Jazz artists by bringing world-class musicians to audiences in Kathmandu.

The festival aims to  promotes creativity, encourages the sharing of international sounds and ideas, while  nurturing  the talents of Nepali musicians. Jazzmandu strives to make the music accessible to as many people as possible by actively including free shows, educational school programs and workshops.

If teh turn out at  the event   last evenning -( which was the final performance) is anything to go by, I think that  Jazz music  has a high considerable following in Nepal. This explains why the vent has been on for the ninth year running.

Read all about past events HERE.


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