The festival of Tihar in Nepal

This week marks the celebration of Tihar in Nepal. The festival takes five days and everyday is marked differently.

Worship/blessing is marked by placing Tikka on the forehead.

Day one –  the day of the Crow

Day two – today- is the day of the Dog

Day three – the day to worship the goddess of wealth. Lots of gambling takes place on this day

Day four – You can worship anything you want including yourself depending on your cultral belief. Some communities worship the ox because it is valued.

Day five – The sisters bless the brothers. One person told me that  ” Dashain is all about getting blessings from an elder person while in Tihar brothers get a blessing from the sisters bless eachc other.

Tihar aso happens to fall with Deewali ) The festival of Lights.

You can read more about this festival HERE


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