Ugali is to Kenyans what Daal Bhat is to Nepalese

About a mouth ago I posted this question to my friends under the FK programme –“What unique lessons have you learnt from you host countries in the last six months? “

The truth is I expected some deep and philosophical answers..but to my surorise the most interesting responses I received were related to food!

The first responses I received was from a Nepali – Nageena Jha wh is in service in Tanzania  – “I have learnt how to cook Mandazi!!! “

Mandazi also called mahamri  (when made with coconut milk)[s a form of fried bread that is popular in the coastal areas of Kenya and Tanzania.

Most people haveit as a snack or as an accompaniment with tea. You can find the recipe at who have copyrights to this image

The second about food was from a Tanzania posted to Kenya – ” I can prepare githeri, ndoma, terere and managu.. Ugali !!!

Though Kenya has many different  foods, in conversations with my friends from Kenya who leave abroad, the one food they say they miss is UGALI.  Even I couldn’t resist mentioning Ugali as being a Staple food whne talking about my experience in Nepal. Simply put Ugali si ti Kenyans what Dal Bhat is to Nepalese.

So how is Ugali prepared? Well all you need is water and cornmeal! The amount of water and cornmeal(Flour) depends on how many people you are preparing the meal for.  Enough talking from me…let this two Kenyans leaving abroad who obviosuly missed Ugali show you how it is prepared…It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to be ready.

If you prefer recipes….CLICK HERE

And indeed when  leaving away from home country among the many things you miss about your country is food!

My reaction to the mention of this staple foods from Kenay got me homesick! It also reminded me how food is closely connected to different cultures and celebrations.Juts happy that at-least in Nepal we can get all varieties of food and can also make Ugali using SUJI.

Simple put Ugali is to Kenyans what Dal Bhat is to Nepalese. I wonder, what is the staple food in your country? Or Community? How is it prepared? You are welcome to share the same in the comments.



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One Response to Ugali is to Kenyans what Daal Bhat is to Nepalese

  1. Nageena says:

    dada, even in nepal u can get UGALI but people call it DHIDO, and it is one item of national.

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