A NOMA weekend in Nepal….

How was your weekend? Well mine was a Noma weekend. In Kenya , that means my weekend was great ! The word Noma is slang for good or great depending on the context. However in this case it literally means NOMA – which stands for Norad Programme for Masters studies – (NOMA) – A project fianced by the Norwegian Development Coooperation.

Yesterday Sunday was the oipenning ceremony of a  NOMA workshop at the Mt. Hotel in Nepal that saw students, faculty memebers and partners meet for a seminar.

Nepal Vice President (left), Ambassador of Norway (centre)and Ambassador of Egyt (right) during the openning of NOMA seminar in Nepal.

The openning ceremony was officicated by the Hon Vice President of Nepal while other Cheif guests inclcuded the Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal, The ambassador of the Arab republic of Egypt , Ambasador of Bangladesg among other Professor;s key among them Prof Thore Roksvold of Oslo University College who played a key part in setting up the partnership with CJMC, the hosts to the seminars.


Here is trhe event in pictures

First the area was secured thanks to the sniffer dogs



The refreshments table was set and ready for guests


Participants  listening to the welcome speech

Hod Dr. Moustafa Gidi Ambassador of Egypy giving a speech during the ceremony


Ambassador of Norway to Nepal said he was deeply moved by the moment of silent observed for the victimd of the Terrosrims act observed at the beginning of the ceremony. He emphasized the eimportance of communication in promoting tolerance stating the though the media is important in education we ( everyone) are all responsible for creating awareness on education and public interest issues.

A journalist records the Vice presidents speech during the occassion/

During the coffee break we took a photo with the ambassador of Egypt. He has been like a father to us during our stay in Nepal. Egyot is the ony Africann Embassy in Nepal.

We also met our long time friend Nirnaya Da’Nask , Nepal’s  leading hiphop artist who uses his status as an artist to promote education in Nepal through hos foundations Nirnya Tour for education.  He also hosts  a radio show every Friday and Saturday, To this day, he is the mosts down to earth celebrity I have met despite the many awards he has won.Look out for his feature article soon!  You gonna love him!!!


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