Bhakthapur the most elegant of all squares…

UNESCO  has included seven monument sites of Kathmandu valley in the World Cultural heritage list. Of the the seven sites three are centred around the ancient medieval palaces of the valley namely Hanuman Dhoka Dhoka Durbar (apalace in Kathmandu, Patan Durbar in Patan (Lalitpur)  and Bakthapue Durbar inBhaktapur. These palace complexes were the residences of Maalla kings.

Yesterday I  had achnce to visit Bhakthapur ans sthese are some of the photos I took from the visit.

Lion carving to left of the entrance of Bhaktapur square

Among the three Durbar squares , Bhaktapur Durbar square is by far the most elegant with large open spaces facing south.

The large open spaces

Seated on far end (the right side of the sqaure)  are tourist taking a break as they take photos of the square .

An art museum

To the left of the square is an art museum filled with interesting artifacts and stories of the square.

Siddhi Laxmi temple (centre) also known as Lohan Kega because it is made entirely of stone.

This is right at the centre of the square just after walking into the gate.

The Golden gate leading to the palace pool. The gate dates to 1754 A.D and was built by King Rana Jit Malla

To the left of the golden gate is the 55 curved window palace

To the left is a section of the golden gate and to the right is the palace of 55 curved windows.

The palaceof 55 curved windows have added splendor to this palace square which consists of buildings dating from the 13th to the 18th century.

Me - ready to venture into the golden gate!!!

From the other side of the golden gate. I could see the differently curved windows than those at the front.

Some of the curvings

More windows

Finally we get to the pool. Right after the golden gate is a path leading to the pool while on  the left side is a Hindu temple and no photoraphy is allowed here. Only Hindus are allwoed into the temple. Inside the gate is a  pool with an attire compartment and a terrace on top for sunbathing…

The pool. On the left side is the attire closet. I took a pick in and there was hay inside..:-)

One of the golden spouts

These two spouts are found at the far end of the pool side

After the poolside to return to the pool gate to see the rest of the temples in the square. One thing to note is that Bhaktapur city has suffered much from earthquakes especially those of 1808,1833 and 1934. The earthquakes caused intensive damage to its ancient buildings. Yet despite the destruction ,the external appearance of the city does not seem to have changed much.  Temples and monuments have been restored and preserved. here are some of the temples we saw.

Siddhi Laxmi temple (centre) also known as Lohan Kega because it is made entirely of stone

Siddhi laxmi temple also known as Lohan Dega because it is made entirely of stone. The Shikhara style temple is guarded by creatures like lions, camels, rhinoceruos and horses all of which are extremely rare in the valley

More temples

And Finally – the main attraction of the square – The five story temple – Nyatapola temple.


The five stories of Nyatapola temple gives it a towering height making it the tallest in the country. This grand temple is a masterpiece of Nepali architecture and was built by King Bhupatinndra in Mallla in 1702.

My friend Cathy and I at the steps of Nyatapola temple

A big thanks to my friend Gita for taking us on a tout to Bhaktapur

There are many other attractions in Kathmandu including the four  other heritage sites namely are Swayambu Maha Chaitya ,Boudhanath Stupa , the temple complex of Lord Pashupatinath in Kathmandu amd the Changa Narayan Temple in Bakthapur.  Right after Bhakthapur we set of to Swayambunath. Stay tuned for pictures of this visit!!!


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  2. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences in Nepal.

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    Like this! suggest you to post the picutures in bigger size 🙂

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