A visit to Bakthapur and Swayambunath

Today was an exceptionaly good day,  Gita Chaudrey FK exchange participant from Nepal to Zambia is in Kathmandu for her home visit. So early this morning we got a call from her asking whether we would be willing to take a tour of Kathmandu in the afternoon. ofcourse we said yes!

ME @ Durbar Square, Bhaktapur

So at three o’clock we( Cathy from Uganda and I) met Gita. Our fisrt stop was Bakthapur a UNESCO world heritage site. Here we spent an hour taking photos and marveling and the wonderful handicrafts  of ages past

A view of the main stupa at Syayambunath at around 5.45pm on 13th October 2011

The second stop was to Swayambunath better know as Monkey temple. ….We had such a great time chatting, taking photos ….and keeping away from the many monkeys ! Unfortunately with  winter  approaching it gets drak early and so though we got there at 5.00pm we couldnt stay long so we took just a few photos with an intent to visit earlier. This place also offers a perfect view of the Kathmandu valley…..More photos coming soon!!!

I appreciate Gita for showing us this two beautiful places and for her hospitality!

UPDATE on 15 -10 -2011  you can now see the picture story from Bhaktapur tour  HERE


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