Happy Dashain


Today begun as a warm and sunny day in Nepal after a very wet and cold day yesterday…

( Seems like the Monsoon doesn’t want to end!!!)

It was nice to see everyone out and about with smiles on their faces as they enjoyed the public holiday today. Yes we  learnt that today is a public holiday in Nepal on our way to work. Today’s holiday marks the first day of the clebration of Dashain.

I have asked a few friends what Dashain means and they have told me that Dashian is similar to what Christmas means to Christians. It is a time for family and friends.Mots Nepalese will travel from Katahmandu to their villages to be with their families. This is also the time that most foreigners living in the valley  take time  off to visit various tourist destinations like Pokhara and Chitwan, so Kathmandu valley will soon be deserted

The official  government celebrations i.e public holiday will begin on Monday 3rd October to 7th October 2011.

In a bid to understand it better, I  googled an this is the explanation for the festival…of Dashain. Tomorrow my friend Cathy and I will join the CJMC FM staff for a group dinner at a restuarant to mark the beginning of Dashain. I  am so looking forward to it….

In the meantime I wish you all a HAPPY DASHAIN!!!

Traders in the streets have already started selling the colourful Tika used during the festiviies


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2 Responses to Happy Dashain

  1. Very much interesting to know.
    Congratulation and Happy Dashain.

  2. gckarki says:

    i like .thanks yaotieno.

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