My little thing is planting a tree

In your comments, many have asked me to share more about my country. In the next two weeks I will add a page with  a brief background on my country and within the month you will see lots more about our different cultures.

Today is my first article on  Kenya, and it is on sad note that I join Kenyans and the world in mourning the passing of Kenya’s Nobel Peace Laurette Professor Wangare Maathai.

The Late Professor Wangare Maathai

She is the first African woman and environmentalist to win a Nobel peace price in 2004.

 “Wangare Mathai stood courageuosly against the former oppressive regime in Kenya. Her unique forms of Action have contributed to drawing attention to political oppression – nationally and internationally.She served as an inspiration for many in the fight for democratic rights and has especially encouraged women  better their situation.” –

 Statement by  othe Norwegian Nobel Committee when announcing Wangare as the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Indeed my homeland Kenaya has lost  a brightest and formidable woman who fought for women and childresn rights, peace, propergovernance  and environemntal sustianability.
One of my favourite quotes from her is  – “It is the little things that Citizens do that will make the difference. My little thing is planting a tree.”
Indeed her little thing made a big difference.
In the past twenty four hours there have several  ot tributes have been written to this wonderful lady.
These stories that have touched me m0st
First is a story where Wangare Maathai encourages people to make a difference In the story she says . “I will be a Humming bird and do the best I can” You can watch the narration HERE
Second is  a fellow blogger and friend who wass so isnpireed by Professor Wangare Matthai that she started  a tribute to her and other Kenyan women professors who have overcome the odds and risen through the academic ranks to attain the status of associate professor or full professor. You can read all about it HERE
And the last is an article where Wangare featured as a HERO of the Environment.
Wangare’s little thing was planting a tree, what is your little thing ?

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2 Responses to My little thing is planting a tree

  1. Navin says:

    2004 Nobel peace prize winner Wangare Maathai… Let her soul rest & remain peace in heaven. Definately, euerybody need to follow her and let’s make Green and Peace world.

  2. YAOtieno says:

    Thanks Navin,

    Indeed we need a peaceful world



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