Trekking in the Monsoons

Yes we went trekking during the rainy season

It was the second of our visit to Pokhara. We woke up fairly early and we could see the wonderful of the Annarpuna ranges from the balcony of our room. We had a heavy  breakfast- continental-  and set off for a one day trek to Damphus. We were very excited.

“I was both excited and nervous because it was my first time to go trekking,” Cathy says

We started the trek in high spirit fully energized, fifteen minutes later we still excited but our muscles had started speaking a different language

The view halfway up

I feel that the only consolation was the wonderful view of the Mountains of the opposite hill we were climbing and the beautiful site if the valley and river that we had started seeing and so we kept moving…

The trail kept changing from steep to moderate steps and as the view kept getting better and better, we also started getting tired by the minute..

“How much longer do we have to go?” We kept asking. “We are almost half way there,” Our guide told us. Still we kept walking and walking…

Soon we reached a place which we nicknamed “come on!” This was the midway point up Damphus.We nicknamed this place “come on” because we met the cheerful person selling souvenirs necklaces, bangles and other artifacts. We gave him our camera to take our photos and the first thing he said was “Come on! This photo is very beautiful!!!”  Yes he could speak English. We were impressed.

On the way we passed some villagers preparing their rice paddies

After ten minutes break we continue with our journey. The scenery changed. The trees, flora and fauna were replaced by the rice, plain fields and villagers working on rice paddies. The rice paddies all looked artistic. This part was less straining compared to the first; the only challenge was that…it started raining.

It was a very rainy day but we enjoyed the view ....

At first we kept walking but the rain became heavier, the trail became flooded and we could hardly see our next step. We sheltered under a tree. We had one umbrella but it did us no good because in a couple of minutes we were soaked to skin.

Though the rain did reduce, we continued with our trek. There were more homestead along the trail, some keeping two or three buffalos but we hardly saw anyone. There were some sign posts inviting us for refreshments but our muscle were aching. If we had  stopped we would not have made it to Damphus.

“This trek is a test of my will power. I want to give up but there is no place to go …” I kept thinking

“My focus is to reach the final destination and take a deep breath of relief.” Cathy tells me

We had a good quide; he kept encouraging and urging us on with a smile. Finally we reached our destination, Dhamphus village. Every painful step had been worth it. The view was magnificent. It also stopped raining. Here we stayed at a simple quest house that had simple rooms with a bed, electricity, hot running water from the bathroom and a small restaurant. Besides us, the only other quests were a couple from Switzerland who travelling around the world and had just been from Africa.

After a hot meal of chicken biriyani and chia (tea) we went to our rooms, hanged our dripping wet cloths, took a shower, cloths and slept. We both felt every muscle on our body was aching. One hours sleep is all we needed. We woke up to a clear sky and beautiful view of the Annarpuna ranges and we took more photos, enjoyed a pleasant conversation with the lovely Swiss couple, took our dinner and went to bed.

We were woken up at around 4:00am for better view of the mountain during sunrise. We took photos and went back to bed. Later we woke up had breakfast and had leave for down the trail. But just before we left it started raining again, so we waited until the rain reduced to drizzle then we set off. All through the trek Dhamphus there was an off and on drizzle. This time we enjoyed the scenery from a bird’s eye view. Going down was tough, but only because our muscles were aching from the climb on the previous day .

It was an exhilarating journey.We took photos at every opportunity You can see our photo presentation HERE

When we finally reached the bottom we could not help but shout for joy for the wonderful experience we had had. From Dhampus, we had a relaxing time by going for a boat ride on Phewa Lake. Besides boat riding in Pohkara, we also enjoyed a visit to Davis Falls and caves, and an early morning of view the sunrise from Sarangot and a small trek to the world peace pagoda.

The article and presentation was prepared by Cathy my Colleagaue from Uganda and I.


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  2. Anz says:

    Hi Just read your view about Nepal in Kantipur. It is really touchy. I was in Tz just few months back and also got to view sth about Kenya from the Kenyan Airport. I really wish to visit your country some day and I also have a friend who is a journalist in Kibera. Just wanted to say Hi and you are always welcome in Nepal and sorry for the misbehavior from Nepali people. I am not defending but people are really unaware about these things and remarking on peoples color and weight and appearance is normal out here and not taken as offense.I too often get those comments and get irritated but its how people see things here.Good luck

  3. You Have a Nice Page, Thank you for the support

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