Womens festivals in Nepal

Yesterday was a holiday in Nepal. Unique thing about the holiday is that it is  a holiday set aside only for  women – the men go to work.  Our Neplali language  lecturer explained to us that this week will witness two special holidays for women, the first us teej which involves fasting and feasting.

The second is a day when women go and visit their mother’s homes. In Nepal, it is a custom that when you get married you stay with your mother in-law and are discouraged from visiting your mother’s home. So this holiday is a special day for married women to go visit their mothers and share the joys/challenges of living with your mother in law. I think its also a day to celebrate your woman hood by thanking God for giving you the power to be able to give birth.

Do you have any special holidays dedicated to women in your culture?


I posted this same post on PulseWire and got different views on how other cultures from Uganda, Sudan, Nigeria and Italy  celebrate women or not. Some quite sad!!!


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4 Responses to Womens festivals in Nepal

  1. Nancy says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

  2. puja shrestha says:

    The festival you mentioned above is Teej ,it is not “Jeet”.

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