Discovering the beauty of Nepal: Road trip to Pokhara

A view of the Machapulchre from Sarangokt (Image copyrights - YAOtieno)

 You must go to Pokhara! This I have been told several times since I arrived in Nepal. So after three weeks of planning and rescheduling we are finally in Pokkara! I am just a couple of hours in Pokhara and I am already thinking, I don’t want to go back to Kathmandu!

All through the trip, we were stopped by strangers who wanted a photo with Africans. And we gladly obliged to thos ewho politely asked as this was probably the first time they had met an African in person!!!

Pokhara is 200km from Kathmandu valley. The journey here was as pleasant as the destination.  What with all the greenery on the way. We left Kathmandu at 7.00am and arrived in Pokhara at about 3.00pm after two stops – the first for breakfast Kurintar and the second for lunch at Damauli.  I must say that I was surprised to learn of the big difference in scenery just after an hour’s drive away from Kathmandu valley.Instead of rows of multi- colored concrete buildings, one is met with rows and rows of never ending green mountain-scape and a complete change of atmosphere –no Kathmandu hooting choir and fresh air!

The scenery on the road to Pokhara from Kathmandu. To the left is Seti River

This view continues for the next five or so hours with a welcome addition of a drive by the riverside, actually three rivers. The first is Trisuli river which is 110km long and starts from Kathmandu to Muging Bridge, second river is Marshagdi river which strectches from to Dulegauda area, while the last river is Seti river which ends a few miles from Pokhara.  A simple way of telling which river yor looking at is by the colour. Trisuli river looks grey, Margadashi river is brownish while Seti river is white. ( Seti means white in Nepali).

The journey - Scenery on the road from Kathmandu to Pokhara. After the mountains, there were more mountains

Nothing defines serenity better than this peaceful drive through the mountains with the river in tow! – driving by the river side, we treated to some captivating views of rice paddies which merge with nature.The rivers seem to be running a relay race againt the bus while weaving  in and out  through the rows of mountains  creating a perfect piece of art. We arrive safely , so I guess the our bus wins the race!We are et at the bus park, and it’s the most silent bus park I have ever seen.

It reminds me of an airport as we have taxi men and guides holding up signs of the people the have come to meet.  Our guide didn’t need a sign al he had to look for was two African ladies which was quite easy to find as we were the only Africans on the road from Kathamnadu.

Pokhara , here we are!

We taken to the hotel which is 5 minutes drive walk from the park. We are staying at the landmark hotel, a beautiful hotel set close to the lakeside and with a beautiful view of the mountain side. The plan was to go for a boat ride after freshening up , but thanks to rain we are holed up in our hotel room hoping the rain will stop. It never did and we soon  changed and we settled for an early dinner at a restaurant which had Nepali cultural dance on show.

Besides boat riding, we have a lot more interesting staff planned for us for the six days will be here thanks to the guidance from the Nepal Tourism Board, this includes trekking to Dhampus village, a village home stay, a visit to Davis Falls and caves around the falls, an early morning rise to view the sunrise from Sarangot and a visit to Bandipur.

So what do all this names mean? You are not alone; I am asking the same questions …Luckily one of us (me) is  here to document the whole process so together  we can both share the experience of discovering Nepal! Stay tuned for daily update of the adventure.


Read more about Day two of our roadtrip in the article Trekking in the Monsoon! You can also find out how we enjoyed an elephant ride in Chitwan  and a visit to the ancient town of Bandipur.


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