Light a kerosene lamp for power!

Reading news in the dark?

I tuned in to watch news this evening at around 8.00pm and what did I see?A Kantipur TV news reader reading news in a dark studio with Kerosene lamp next to her. At first I though it was a mistake until i ccalled a contact from the TV station and they explained to me that the dark set was is in protest of the 16 hours of  load shedding  in Nepal.

Luckily for the last three weeks the load shedding has reduced considerably and is almost non existnce, the situation is however scheduled to change towards  October and increasingly  December. Read all aboutthe challenges in the power sector in Nepal this article Power to Nepal by Deepak Adhikari

Black screen or Dark Studio?

As for now, I am a happy that I can see what I am writing as well as watch news because the power is on!


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One Response to Light a kerosene lamp for power!

  1. lista says:

    hey yvonne! am happy for you dear, being an active blogger! and journalist keep it up gal! God bless you!

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