5 questions you must be ready to answer in Nepal

Yesterday  afternoon we met a new friend from Africa.  Her name is Vania and she is from Mozambique. You see, Vany was walking in the streets when our principal stopped her and introduced herself. She then passed on our contacts to her. She called us within the hour and so today, we met. We are very few Africans in Nepal that when you meet another African its quite exciting.

Myself, Cathy (My housemate ) and Vania at KFC, Kathmandu , Nepal

Vany has only been here for a week and  having been here for three months we – Cathy my housemate from Uganda and I – almost feel like veterans and so we gave her some tips for survival. Among the tips were five questions she should be ready to answer in Nepal almost everyday…

Here are the questions

1. What is your name?

2. Where are you from?/Where are you going ?

3. Is that your real hair? or Can I touch your hair?

4. How old are you?

5. Are you married?

I am not sure whether this questions only apply to us but you can take a wild guess as to which question puzzles us most…:-)

Ofcourse, by now we have mastered the perfect answers to the “puzzling question”…ALL IN GOOD HUMOR…


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One Response to 5 questions you must be ready to answer in Nepal

  1. samir gurung says:

    hello Nepalese best friend. nice to see you here.i sow your write in ekantipure.com.hope you like Nepal. i love you and Africa especially Kenya. here in Dubai i have so many friends from Kenya. yap i like your hair style. by the way i am Nepalese and i want to request you that please forget bad memories of Nepal and collect nice memories. wish you all the best in your entire life. coz i dont know i can see your write again or not. again thank you and love from a nepali boy.

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