I salute the peaceful nature of the people of Nepal

I have newly found respect for the people of Nepal for two reasons -I am sure I will have more reasons in the course of my stay – but for now my number one reason is peace. while the second reason is …you guessed right – peace !

A peaceful demonstration in Kathmandu Nepal

Recently, my colleague were coming from a radio interview and bumped into a demonstration by some supporters of a political party.I am not sure which party. This protesters were all in riding motorbikes. All the motorbikes had one or two passengers and a red flag.  My first instinct, and probably why I favour feature writing to daily news reporting or going on the beat where the unexpected usually happens, was to get home as quickly as possible. However, after crossing the road and looking back,  I noticed how calm and peaceful the traffic police were and how other pedestrians just stood and watched. This helped me relax and so off came my camera and I started clicking away. The traffic police were at hand to stop traffic so the protestors could ride on undisturbed.  whats so special about that, ytou see back home, such protests would probably have turned into running battles with police with a few shop windows or people injured. Instead the protesters were left to go on peacefully.I salute the police and the protesters for not antagonizing each other.

In the past few days about three bandhs were called. The first was for Sunday 22ndt of and Monday 23rd of May. The Bandh on Sunday ( Sunday is considered a normal working day in Nepal – Six days of work Sunday to Friday and one day of rest – Saturday) was observed “effectively” observed peacefully in Kathmandu valley though there were reports of attacks on hospital staff and ambulances. According to a friend, this reports weren’t well received. The second bandh was meant to be on Monday but this was canceled due to the disturbances reported on Sunday. A third Bandh was called for today on Tuesday 24th of May and this too was observed i.e. there were no private cars or micros (buses) on the road.

This is where I am thoroughly impressed people of Nepal. With no vehicles or buses on the road, the Nepali people walk long distances to work.  People are kind – those with motorbikes, also offer a rides to their neighbors. People are dedicated. Except for the silence in the streets, people continue with their business as usual. Though on normal days, there are usually as many cars as motorbikes on the road, during bandh season; one also gets to see lots of bicycles in the road.

I do not know whether it’s due to a strong work ethic, the fear of losing one’s job, total defiance to the bandhs that makes the people walk long distances to work during bandh -which as a foreigner leaving in Nepals scares me to the point that I just want to stay indoors – whatever, the reason, I salute the people of Nepal for their courage and brevity, their humanity and kindness to each other and their peacefulness during bandh. It is my sincere hope that one day there will be no more need for bandh for Nepalese to achieve their constitutional rights.


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8 Responses to I salute the peaceful nature of the people of Nepal

  1. RAM CHANDRA SHARMA,, (MR). says:

    Today I read an article about yoyr life and days passed in the recent dates in Nepal.i would like to appreciate your undersatnding of NEPAL and NEPALI PEOPLE.

    I would like to request you to establish an oragnization to help the disabled in Africa and Nepal NEPAL -AFRICA FORUM FOR THE DISABLED may be your aorganization or like this any on your own choice for the name.


    Sincerely yours,

  2. bikas kharel says:

    Hi Madam ,

    I have reade your side thanks for your comment about nepal & nepales people. ple do not forget to write about of kenya’s caltuer & there people

  3. Professor Dr. Amrit Sapkota says:

    Dear African Lady,
    Thank you so much for your contribution in Nepal even you are from Kenya.I appreciate you a lot to cast your best effort in the days to come.
    Thanking you,
    Professor Dr. Amrit Sapkota

  4. Hi Dear
    It is difficult to pronounce your name so sorry for this.
    I am highly appreciate your writing about Nepal,woman in Nepal and the people behave once they see the different face specially black face.
    Extremely sorry for discrimination by the people form Nepal in your past at kathmandu.
    Really interesting writing in Katinpur daily so keep writing please.
    All the best and Regards
    Hem Bahadur Mugrati
    The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

  5. Dear Evvavon Yaotieno.
    Good Evening
    It is really impressive an article you have written in Kantipur daily sharing among the readers about One African Life story looking towards from Foreign Eye. It made me the flash back working in Africa Malawi for two years in rural villages for the development and mixing people. I understand your sentiment how difficult and enjoyable with working with different culture and looking people. If you have time we can share / chat more as well and tell the stories of my life how I spent in Africa. Please let me know.

  6. dil pun says:

    helo ? You know lots of things about our country nepal same like that we also want to know about your country kenya, so please tell us and share us something about kenya and it is a great chance to introduce about kenya to our nepalese people during your stay in nepal… With best regards dil pun, http://www.nepalbest.com

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