Banda got me blogging

It’s now almost three months since I left Kenya for Nepal and every day I have been promising myself that I would post my blog. But today, thanks to the Nepali Banda, I have finally had a chance to set up a blog detailing my experiences in this beautiful country which lies between India and China.

My First Impression s of Nepal can best be described as Culture Shock 101. Three months down the line, I have grown to appreciate the country’s hidden beauty and in places such as the Garden of dreams, I have seen the differences and similarities between the Nepali Culture and African culture by attending a wedding in  Nepal.

Oh….Yes before I forget a Nepali Banda  means there is a national strike in Nepal. No public  transport nor private vehicles on the road. Everybody stays at home. This is the second strike since I arrived. Today’s strike was called by Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN ). According to, a website that keeps track of bandas nationwide. There have been 98 Bandas in different parts of the country since the beginning of the year. The Bandas are in demand for a preliminary draft of the constitution before May 28. Sadly everything comes to a stand still. But hey, I get to start my blog!!! Yippy!

How did I get here? Well it is my journey of life. And indeed I can describe Life in Nepal as an adventurous journey filled with new discoveries every day.  I promise to try and be more frequent in sharing the discoveries. A life that I live with the mantra that a candle losses nothing by lighting another.


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2 Responses to Banda got me blogging

  1. Emily Taylor says:

    Namaste! I have enjoyed reading all of your posts and would love to read more. I’d also love to see pictures of where you are staying. I am leaving for Nepal myself on July 12th. I will be working in an orphanage. I will be looking for more posts. Also, feel free to email me. I’d love to hear more about your trip.

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