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Nepal sees Africa through the African Lens

The Curtains have finally been drawn upon the first ever African Film festival to be held in Nepal. The event whose theme was “Seeing Africa through the African lens”  saw nine films selected from six African countries –  Egypt, South Africa, … Continue reading

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I salute the peaceful nature of the people of Nepal

I have newly found respect for the people of Nepal for two reasons -I am sure I will have more reasons in the course of my stay – but for now my number one reason is peace. while the second … Continue reading

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Wedding in Nepal

This was published in The Connection  Family, Food and Fun. These three words fully describe a Nepali wedding. Okay, add gifts and tears and you have yourself a Nepali wedding.  Weddings in Nepal are not much different from weddings in … Continue reading

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My first impressions of Nepal

Sometimes when all we are use to is all we see,  we can develop resistance to learning…That is  ofcourse unless we realize that there is more to the world than where we were born. This is best described in Plato’s allegory of … Continue reading

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Banda got me blogging

It’s now almost three months since I left Kenya for Nepal and every day I have been promising myself that I would post my blog. But today, thanks to the Nepali Banda, I have finally had a chance to set … Continue reading

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